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Region : Australia
Model : TL-WPS510U
Hardware Version : V4
Firmware Version : 9.08.55T 0003 (2011/11/15 14:10:14)

Have recently purchased a TP-LINK print server so that our Epson TX200 printer can be shared within our wireless network. Got the print server working on the Windows PC's with no problems. Struggling to get the Mac's working.
Latest version Mac everything, latest version Epson Mac utilities loaded.
Have set up the Mac to point to IP address, which is the static IP for my print server. The Epson print utility is loaded on my Mac and I've tried setting up the print queue with both Line Printer Deamon (LPD) and HP JetDirect - Socket and both return a Communication Error from the Epson print utility after selecting the correct print driver.
Thought it might be that the Mac's not happy that I've not given it a print queue name, rather used 'Leave blank for default queue', but on the TL-WPS510U, I can't see a way of specifying a queue name for the printer.
Any suggestions on how to get the TL-WPS510U working with my Mac?

How To Set Tp Link

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Tp Link Mac Driver

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