Mpv Player For Mac


Using git master is recommended.


All binary packages are unofficial third-party builds.

Windows builds by shinchiro (releases and git)
Scoop (git)
Compilation instructions
MSYS2 source package


Unofficial third-party builds.

macOS builds by stolendata
macOS nightly builds by jnozsc
Homebrew (without macOS application bundles)

Source code

If you want bleeding edge functionality, link against git versions of FFmpeg or if a package for your platform is not available or updated, you can build mpv from source code. The helper build scripts are recommended for most users since they perform a static build of FFmpeg and libass as well as mpv.

git repository
Latest stable release tarball
Release changelog
Helper build scripts for *nix systems

Linux packages

Distributions usually package outdated, unmaintained, and unsupported versions of mpv. This is especially true for popular distros like Debian and Ubuntu. You are recommended to use mpv-build or third-party packages instead. All of these packages are unofficial.

Arch (aur, git package)
Arch (aur, mpv-build package)
Debian multimedia (unofficial)
Gentoo (official package)
Ubuntu (PPA)
Ubuntu and Debian (apt repository)

Mobile platforms


Other platforms

FreeBSD (Freshports)

Download mpv for Mac - A free and open-source video player that enables you to quickly and effortlessly load and playback a wide variety of video formats SOFTPEDIA® Windows. Download the latest version of mpv for Mac - Open-source general-purpose video player. Read 14 user reviews of mpv on MacUpdate.

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For Windows

Also get Noto Sans font for best experience

For Linux

There are many flavors of linux.


Baka MPlayer is a free and open source, cross-platform, libmpv based multimedia player. Its simple design reflects the idea for an uncluttered and enjoyable environment for watching tv shows.

Mpv Mac Os

Mpv player for mac os

Download Mpv Player For Mac


Mov Player For Mac

  • Gesture seeking.
  • Smart playlist.
  • Dim Desktop.
  • Hardware accelerated playback (vdpau, vaapi, vda).
  • Youtube playback support (and others).
  • Multilingual support (we are looking for translators!).
  • And more...