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Hello, I have been using my 828mk3 Firewire for about year now without any problems and now for no apparent reason it will not load up completely. When I turn on the unit, it loads the audio router, then when it starts to load the CueMixFX it jus hangs there indefinitely. My mac doesn't see the interface, yet it does see another firewire device that is plugged into the second port on the 828.

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I have tried unplugging the firewire cables and still just hangs there trying to load CueMix. I was able to update the firmware though, thinking that would maybe fix a potential setting freezing the startup, but the problem persists. Strange that the computer was able to detect the firewire connection to update the firmware, but will not detect it in Audio/MIDI setup. Went ahead and uninstalled/ reinstalled drivers and motu software, reset the PRAM, deleted old .pref files, no luck. The only thing I can remember changing on my system since I last was able to use the hardware as just a small os x update, but I can't imagine that affecting anything audio related, and if it had the reinstallation of software and drivers should have fixed that.

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Anyone have any ideas?

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Installs latest drivers and software for all MOTU video products; Supports Mac OS X version 10.6.8 - 10.9.5 (no current support for 10.10 and later) Provides compatibility for: Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and X; Avid Media Composer/Symphony 6, 6.5 and 7. MOTU 828mk3 User Guide for Mac 1280 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 Business voice: (617) 576-2760 Business fax: (617) 576-3609 Web site: MOTU FireWire Audio Console (Mac OS X) 47 MOTU FireWire Control Panel (Mac OS 9) 53 828mkII Front Panel Operation 59 Digital Performer 65 AudioDesk 73 Other Mac OS X Audio Software 79 Cubase, Nuendo and OS 9 ASIO Software 89 Reducing Monitoring Latency 97 CueMix Console 103 MOTU SMPTE Console 107 Troubleshooting 109 Index!828 Manual/Mac Page. Open your device manager with the 828 connected to your computer via firewire and turned on. Find the 828 in your devices and right click it. Select a new driver and make sure you select the 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy). Legacy is the key word here. The original MOTU 828, launched in 2001 and reviewed in SOS July 2001, has proved to be an incredibly popular Firewire audio interface for both Mac and PC users wanting multiple channels of analogue and digital.