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Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security Decisions made years ago about which operating system to roll out can affect corporate security today. To install Linux on a Mac, you’ll need a formatted USB drive with storage up to 8GB. Remember this process will wipe out your current macOS/OS X installation and there is probably a very hard chance to recover it back. Also, don’t try to run macOS and Linux on dual boot because that won’t work too. Follow the steps for installation below. Link - In this video you will see how easily you can transform your Ubuntu 13.10 Sauc. Dec 10, 2019 macOS is a brand of proprietary graphical operating Systems developed by Apple and marketed as the primary OS in Mac computers. Its latest release is macOS Catalina 10.5, a closed-source operating system with open-source components written in C, C, Swift, and Objective C and available in 39 languages.

So I've probably installed Mint alongside Windows countless times, but recently I just got my hands on a 2006/2007 MacBook running OS X Lion. I've read that Linux can't be installed alongside Mac OS X due to conflicting filesystems or something.
DownloadHow much truth is there to this? If I were to run the Mint iso, would I still have the option to install alongside Mac OS X? Would it just partition the drive like it normally does? As much as I'd rather run something newer than Lion, there are issues using Linux as my sole OS on this machine (primarily when going into standby/closing the laptop/battery life). I don't want to corrupt my Lion install but I have a huge hard drive and my little core2duo isn't powerful enough to virtualize anything substantial.

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And if I were to go ahead with this, would the Linux GRUB take over like it usually does? (This is my desired outcome).

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I only ask because Apple does weird things to make seemingly simple processes like installing OS's nearly impossible for the every-user. After trying for hours to get OS X installed on a blank hard drive, I had to go to the Apple store for them to do it. (Ideally I would pull the hard drive, pop it into a similar PC and run the install then put it back in the MacBook). If it were any other PC it'd be done already, but I'd hate to corrupt my current install because of something Apple did to complicate things.Mint

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UPDATE 05/2017: when updating VMware workstation, the suspended/paused OSX VM seems to work fine but won’t boot up again (e.g. after updating to the latest OSX version which requires a reboot). I had to reinstall the unlocker and it’s working again … i’m still using unlocker v2.0.8 but on git there is a 2.0.9: OSX 10.12.4 is working, too.

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Install VMware Player or VMware Workstation from

In order to see “Apple OSX” you need to install VMware Unlocker:

VMware Player is free for personal non-commercial use. Please consider licensing VMware player and/or workstation if you are using this for commercial / business purposes. Thank You!


IMPORTANT: (Note: in VMWare 12.5 i didnt have to do this anymore:)
If you create a new VM using version 11 or 12 hardware VMware will stop and create a core dump.There are two options to work around this issue:
1. Change the VM to be HW 10 – this does not affect performance.
2. Edit the VMX file and add:
smc.version = “0”

Hint: the button “VM -> Install VMware tools” doesn’t work, just manually mount the “darwin.iso” file that has been downloaded by the unlocker and install the tools. Worked for me with OSX 10.12.2 also!

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