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Does it happen on all kind of files, or just txt files?

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Folder Size For Mac

Usually, it comes from the fact that Unix (from which OS X closely derives) and Windows don't have the same way of 'recording' changing lines in txt files: in DOS and Windows, going to the next line, whether manually when typing or because you imported a txt file made by someone else (or another machine) means using a 'carriage return' (yeah, I know, sounds old), where Unix uses a 'line feed'.

A carriage return will first send the carret back to the beginning of the last line you typed in, before switching to the next line so you can resume typing, whereas a line feed will jump to the next line directly. This leads to some invisible extra characters being typed, and since each digit or key press brings its own byte or octet in the balance, your files might end up being heavier under one platform than they were in another.


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The Notepad application in Windows is known for its poor text wrapping (which it makes up for by being a good tool for coding, for the same reason), with the user/writer needing to feed its own carriage returns in the text, when Wordpad is more user-friendly, with better text wrapping, but doesn't show the same flexibility that Notepad has.

The same principle applies to all txt-based files, hence to .log files too. And log files tend to be created by applications for this purpose or that, without you knowing it.

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Icons in Windows 10 can change the look of the interface a lot. There are icons inside folders, icons on the desktop, and you would see them even on the taskbar. With every new version of Windows, the icon size changes by default and you might have to adjust with it, or not compromise and change the size of these icons to your liking. If latter is what you wanted to do, follow the guide below to change the icon size in Windows 10.

Some times, you would want the icons to be bigger so that it gets easier for you to touch them on the touchscreen, or want them to be smaller if the screen size is not big and icons make it look odd.

Change icon size of Desktop icons in Windows 10

The icons on the desktop are not much when you start using Windows 10, but many times we have the desktop as the default folder for shortcuts and saved files. To change the icon size here, right click on the empty space on the desktop and click on “View”.

Under the View options, you can choose between Large icons, Medium icons, and Small icons. By default, these should be medium in size, and you can change them to smaller or larger based on what you need.

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Change icon size in Taskbar on Windows 10

For changing the size of icons on the taskbar, there is a different setting available for that. It is the Display settings where you need to go, to change it and while doing that, you will see the size of even the Text, Apps and other items changing.

Right-click anywhere in the empty space on the desktop and here, click on Display settings. Here, move the slider under “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” to change the size. Once you are done with adjustment of the size, click on Apply and you are done.

Change icon size in Folders / File Explorer on Windows 10

Folder Size For Mac

Changing the icon size in file explorer works differently because it isn’t universal and you will have to change the setting for each folder separately, just like how you have to do it even on Mac OS. Windows 10 will however remember the setting for every folder you change the about it size.


In the particular folder where you want to have a different icon size, go to View options on the top and you will get to choose between Extra large, large, medium, and small size. There are other options too, including list and such but here we are talking about the icon size.

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It isn’t hard or located at the deeper levels, but for newer users of Windows 10, things are a bit different from the previous Windows version, thus, we are hopeful this guide helped you. If you are still facing any issues in changing the icons in Windows 10 feel free to drop a comment below.