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Since readability, usability and portability are quite high with PDF files one likes to convert word documents to PDF format. These DOCX to PDF converter software converts word documents to PDF quite swiftly and gives best quality PDF file. They come with tons of options while performing conversions and perform the job without losing the originality of the document.


Docx converter for a mac download

It can also help you export PDF to Word on Mac. Here are the steps to follow: 1. Login to your Google account on the Google Docs website. Upload the PDF document that you want to convert to Word. Navigate to the 'File' tab. Select ' Download as' 'Microsoft Word(.docx)' to export your PDF. From the Finder, Control-click the file, then choose Open With Pages. If Pages is the only word processor on your Mac, you can just double-click the file. From the Pages for Mac app, choose File Open, select the file, then click Open. If a file is dimmed, it’s not a compatible format. Hi All, I have well over 1000.doc files that I need to convert to.docx files for viewing and editing from IPads. The.doc files cannot be edited and need to be converted.docx files to allow editing via IPad pen through OneDrive etc. Background I have done a lot of research and there doesn’t.

Docx Converter For A Mac File

To know more varieties of these DOCX to PDF converter software one can search Google using “docx to pdf converter software, free download”, “docx to pdf converter software free. download full version”, “docx to pdf converter software download” or “docx to pdf converter apk”.

Docx Converter For A Mac

1. PDF24 PDF Creator

Part 1: Top 5 Best Docx to PDF Converter for Mac and Windows #1: PDFelement Pro for Windows and Mac. It is an easy to use PDF tool that allows you to create PDF from Word. #2: Amacsoft Word to PDF for Mac. Amacsoft is a thorough solution for transforming DOCX documents to PDF format. Here is a list of the best free PDF to Word converter for MAC.It lets you easily extract the text from PDF file, and convert it into Word. These software can easily convert PDF to Word on MAC, and you don’t have to put any extra effort on your part in this regard.You can also make use of commands to convert.

This PDF creator software is easy to use and installs a virtual printer to save or view the converted file. It merges and splits PDF file. It can extract and copy selected pages from a PDF file. It comes with integrated preview for editing. It allows setting author and title information of PDF file.

2. Word to PDF Converter

This word to PDF converter software can convert all versions of word document and comes with user-friendly interface and easy to use. It supports many languages for conversion. It supports batch conversion of documents and works very quickly without compromising on quality. It can also convert Rtf, Txt, etc to PDF file.

3. Free Word to PDF Converter

This word to PDF converter is has efficient interface and can convert word files quite easily. It also supports batch mode conversion. It does the conversion job with great quality and retains the original format after conversion. It does not require word or Abode Acrobat installed on the computer for conversion.

4. FoxPDF DocX to PDF Converter

This word to PDF converter software is easy to use and with a click of button it converts the file. It has the ability to preserve hyperlinks in the converted PDF file. It allows setting password protection to open the file and setting access permissions to work with the file.

5. Icecream PDF Converter

This word to PDF converter software comes with plenty of features. It allows mass conversion of word to PDF files. It allows setting layouts while conversion. It can also merge multiple word files into one PDF file. It allows selecting page range of word file while conversion. It has drag and drop files feature for conversion.

Batch Word to PDF Converter

This is simple yet powerful word to PDF converter. It supports batch conversion of word files and comes with search facility as well. It can convert files in a folder too. It does the conversion in quick time as it comes with highly efficient and fast working multi-thread conversion engine.

Kernel for Word to PDF

This word to PDF conversion software works accurately. It comes with user-friendly interface and is easy to use. It can convert even hyperlinks, tables, images and graphs from word file to PDF. It also keeps the original layout and properties on conversion to PDF file. It allows setting encryptions and permissions for converted file.

Nemo Word to PDF

This software converts word to PDF files with great ease and in a perfect manner. It keeps original layout, images, hyperlinks and texts on conversion. It can convert multiple files in one instant. It has the facility to encrypt the converted PDF files. It works very fast and has user-friendly interface.

InFixi® – Word to PDF Converter Software

This word to PDF file converter software performs conversion easily and allows multiple word file conversions. It retains the images, formats, hyperlinks, graphs and tables perfectly while converting to PDF file. It comes with easy to use interface and has no limit on word file size to convert to PDF.

Okdo Doc Docx to Pdf Converter

This word to PDF file converter software is easy to use and allows batch conversion of files. It does not change the word file format, images, graphs, hyperlinks or tables while converting to PDF. It allows saving the converted files to a list and it comes with plenty of conversion options.

What is DOCX To PDF Converter Software?

These DOCX to PDF converter software performs conversion of Microsoft Office documents to PDF files. They come with installable files which can be done quite easily and they also comes with many functions like converting in batch mode which enables one to convert multiple documents easily. Some of these DOCX to PDF software come with the facility to preview the PDF files without installing Acrobat reader software. They do the conversion very fast and retain the tables, images, graphs and hyperlinks in the converted PDF file. One can search Google using “doc to pdf converter software download”, “billion document converter download” or “doc to pdf converter offline” and find more details and information.

How to Install DOCX To PDF Converter Software?

The DOCX To PDF Converter software’s installation file comes either in compact disc or as a downloaded file from the vendor website. The installation procedure document is also provided with installation files. Hence, one can have a glance of procedure document and get good knowledge about installation method. If there are any prerequisites to be installed they can be done with the help of the installation procedure document. After installing prerequisites one can start installing the installable executable file and complete the installation. For questions relating to installation, one can visit the software website or can get help from the helpline and get clarified.

Benefits of using DOCX To PDF Converter Software

By installing Acrobat reader software which is freeware one can easily view the PDF files. They are secure and not easy to manipulate the PDF file. For all these reasons many use PDF files for all their official purposes. These DOCX to PDF converters software also comes with many useful features like converting a few pages of the document to PDF file or they can merge some pages of the document to a single PDF file. They also perform batch conversions and in a quick time.

They come with different versions for various platforms like Windows, Mac Os or Android and one can use these tools according to their operating systems. They are available for iPhone and iPad as well. They allow setting password protection to the converted PDF file which helps one to secure the important information. They drastically reduce the size of the word document so that they can be sent through emails and smart phones easily.

Great Free Windows DOCX To PDF Converter Software – 7-PDF Maker

This word to PDF file converter software is multipurpose and easy to use. It allows batch and command line conversion of files. It retains the word file images, email ids, hyperlinks or tables after conversion to PDF files. It does not need any ghost script to convert to PDF files.

Great Free Android DOCX To PDF Converter Software – Able2Extract PDF Converter

This software converts word files to PDF in a few seconds and it is easy to use. It allows sharing, previewing and using the converted files in other apps. It does not require internet connection to do the conversion and can convert with ease even large word documents as well.

Great Free Mac Os DOCX To PDF Converter Software – PDF Converter Free

Docx Converter For Mac

This software converts word to PDF files in quick manner and retains the original word layout, images, texts, hyperlinks with good quality on conversion. It supports multiple languages and can email the converted documents. It comes with easy to use and attractive user interface. It can merge documents to a single PDF file.

More DOCX To PDF Converter Software for Windows, Mac and Android Platforms

For Android application, some of the word to PDF converter software is “PDF Converter Pro”, “Doc to PDF Converter” and “To PDF”. “Wondershare PDFelement for Mac” and “Nuance PDF Converter for Mac” are some of the words to PDF converter software for Mac Os version. For Windows platform, some of the word to PDF file converter software is “PDF24 Creator”, “Solid PDF Creator” and “CutePDF Writer”.

Most Popular DOCX To PDF Converter Software for 2016 is Smallpdf

This is docx to pdf converter online software. It is very easy to use and the conversed PDF file can be downloaded. The conversion takes place in a few seconds and the word layout and other formats are kept intact. It supports all platforms and it works using cloud technology.

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The initial versions of Microsoft Word used the 'DOC' extension while the latest ones use '.docx' file format. Converting DOCX to PDF can be a great way to save Word documents without changing their quality. The PDF documents will not only be easily saved on your computer, but they will also be easy to share with other people online or on a local area network. The documents will be easy to attach to emails because of their compact and small size. To be able to convert DOCX to PDF format, you will need to have the best DOCX to PDF converter - PDFelement Pro on your computer.

Part 1: Top 5 Best Docx to PDF Converter for Mac and Windows

#1: PDFelement Pro for Windows and Mac

When it comes to working with PDF documents, there is so much that you can do with PDFelement Pro . It is an easy to use PDF tool that allows you to create PDF from Word, PowerPoint and Excel in high quality without changing the formatting and layout of the source file.

You will be able to create professional looking PDF documents without the need for installing Microsoft Office applications. When you save your DOCX files in PDF format, you will secure them and make them very easy to transfer. The application fully supports all MS Office formats, including DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro:

  • Easily convert Word, Excel and PPT to PDF.
  • Edit PDF with multiple useful editing tools.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, images and more.
  • Secure PDF with watermark, password, and signature.
  • You can edit and convert scanned PDF with OCR feature.

#2: Amacsoft Word to PDF for Mac

Amacsoft is a thorough solution for transforming DOCX documents to PDF format. It does not have an upper limit on the number of DOCX files that can be converted in a single operation. However, the more files you input, the more time the application will take to convert them. It does not mess up the structure, properties, formatting, page orientation and line spacing of the source files during conversion.


  • Editing of PDF directly will not be possible.
  • It can prove really difficult to navigate the program’s multi-windowed interface.

#3: iStonsoft Word To PDF Converter For Mac

This application makes it very easy to put your DOCX documents on your portable device by converting them to PDF format. You can use it for converting large objects, formats, images, graphs and so on. The structure, properties and formatting of the files will be retained after conversion. It has a clean and simple interface that will not give you trouble using at all.


  • Image quality is somehow affected after the conversion.
  • Some formats are not supported for conversion, for example eBook formats.

#4: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

You will have the power to create, read and modify PDF documents with ease when you have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It allows you to create PDF files from various sources, including DOCX, scanned files, and web pages. Another big plus for this application is that it supports OCR scanning of files.


  • It is painfully slow at starting.
  • Installing it is quite a lengthy process.

#5: iPubsoft Word to PDF Converter

This application enables you to combine multiple DOCX files into a single PDF document very easily. It has a user friendly interface that allows you to complete the conversion process within just a few clicks. After conversion, the original formatting and layout of the source file is retained.


  • It is very slow to open.
  • You cannot encrypt your files with it.

Part 1: Top 5 Online Docx to PDF Converter for Free

#1: WordtoPDF

With this web application, you can create, edit and share your documents online very easily. It also allows you to create edit, review and merge your PDF files online before receiving them. It does not just support conversion of Word to PDF. You can also use it to convert Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF, and PDF to other formats.


  • You need to provide your email to be able to get the PDF file after conversion.
  • It may not be very effective when it comes to converting very large files.

#2: Zamzar DCOX to PDF Converter

You can use Zamzar to convert Word documents not only to PDF, but also to many other file formats. It is totally free and very easy to use. Everything on the web page is clearly labeled to make it easier for you to do the conversion. You just need to upload the files to the web page and then proceed with the conversion.


  • You need to wait for a bit long for the conversion to be performed because it is a bit slow.
  • After the conversion, you will need to wait for the converted file to be emailed to you, something that adds extra steps to the time it will take you to finish the conversion.

#3: Small PDF

If you have many small word files to convert, SmallPDF will be the ideal converter to use. It is a comprehensive web app that compiles and converts the Word files in a cloud before it makes them available to download. The whole process takes only a few seconds, so it will not keep you waiting for long. Your files are automatically deleted from their servers after the conversion is complete, something that ensures privacy of your data.


  • You can only use it to convert small files.
  • It has limited compression levels.

#4: Online 2 PDF

This is the Word to PDF converter to go for if you want to convert large files online. It allows you to convert individual files of up to 50 megabytes. It supports batch conversion of up to 20 files that are up to 100 megabytes in size.


  • The web page is quite chromed up that finding the conversion function can prove difficult.
  • The conversion process becomes slow when you are converting many files.

#5: Docupub

Program To Convert Docx File To Pdf

This web app makes it possible for you to covert Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many other formats to PDF. There is no need of installing it on your computer. You will simply need to upload your DOCX file and then choose your delivery method.


  • It does not have batch capabilities.
  • Conversion size is limited to 10 megabytes.

Part 3: How to Convert Docx to PDF in High Quality

Docx Converter For A Macro

The PDFelement Pro is an efficient tool that enables quick conversion of DOCX files into PDF files. If you want to convert a DOCX file into a PDF file, then follow the steps below to make this conversion:

Docx Converter For A Mac Os

Step 1. Launch the Software and Load Your DOCX file

If you have a DOCX file and want to convert it into PDF file, then the first step is to launch the PDF Editor and then navigate to your saved document by clicking the 'Create PDF' option. Select the target file from your local folder and then click 'Open' to add it.

Step 2. Edit the Files According to Your Needs (Optional)

Once you have opened your file, you can also make appropriate changes in it. If the DOCX file that you have needs some editing, then edit it according your needs. Go to the 'Edit' tab and then add, delete or append data to it.

Docx File Converter For Mac


Commenting and highlighting are also great features provided by the software through which you can easily comment your DOCX wherever you want to. The options you need are displayed under the 'Comment' tab.

Step 3. DOCX Convert to PDF

Once you are satisfied with document that you were editing, you can now convert your DOCX file into PDF file using PDFelement Pro. Just choose the 'Save as' option from the 'File' menu and wait for the software to do its job. It only takes a few minutes to change DOCX to PDF file.

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