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The following is a workaround to update Camera Raw within Elements. It is recommended to wait for Camera Raw updates within the product for issue fixes. If you haven't been able to update the Camera Raw plug-in for Elements, follow these steps: Download and install the latest Camera Raw version. Adobe Camera Raw, which lets you import and enhance raw images, has been a must-have tool for professional photographers right since it was first released in 2003. Applications that support Adobe Camera Raw include Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, After Effects, and Bridge. Additionally, Adobe Lightroom is built upon the same powerful raw image. The Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in delivers lightning-fast, easy access - within Photoshop - to 'raw' image formats in professional and mid-range digital cameras. Adobe Camera Raw for Mac. Cs6 doesn't have the option for the Camera Raw filter in the Filter menu as photoshop cc does. You could open your files through camera raw as smart objects and then you can double click on the smart object thumbnail in the layers panel to bring up camera raw.

Hey every one ,today I’m going to show you how to load/Install presets and brushes into Adobe Camera Raw and this is for cs6 and the Creative Cloud (CC). How To Install Adobe Camera RAW Presets for MAC & PC

How To Install Adobe Camera RAW Presets for MAC & PC First we’re going to do it for a Mac and then we’re going to do it for PC but let’s take a look at Camera Raw right now and check out the presets . We can see there’s nothing there.

Go to the brushes and drop down this menu right here .

We can see, we do not have any brushes .

So let’s head on over to our Mac desktop and I can show you guys how to install these presets and brushes for Adobe Camera Raw.

Guide For Install Camera RAW Presets Into MAC :

Okay here we are on the Mac desktop and we have finder open right here and we have our downloaded preset Pro collection for raw right here .So let’s open up the downloaded presets folder and check it out.

How To Install Adobe Camera RAW Presets for MAC & PC

Let’s go to find our library folder in finder Now. This is a hidden folder but the best way to find
it is. Go up to go and you won’t see it right here but if you hit option you’ll see it appear right there. So hold down
option there we go click it and then we can go to application support>application support Adobe and we got to find Camera Raw right there and there’s our settings preset folder and local Correctionsour brush folder.

So let’s start with the settings first our presets open up our download again there’s our settings and the best way is
to click shift and make sure you get everything right down at the bottom and you can copy it right there and click in
here and you can paste it right in.

So now we can go to local Corrections and this is our brush folder right here and we go to local Corrections here and make sure you click and we want to shift click all the way down and we’re going to just copy all these right here copy
and back into here local Corrections and we’re going to paste all of our brushes right in there.

You go alright now. I have Adobe Camera Raw. Open again let’s go to the presets check it out and there we go there’s all our presets loaded in.

So now we can check out the brushes go down here and drop it down and there’s
all our adjustment brushes.

So we did that .

Guide For Install Camera RAW Presets Into PC (Windows) :

Now we can move on to PC and I’m going to show you guys how to load all the presets and brushes into Windows PC.

All right. Now we’re going to install Camera Raw presets into a Windows PC machine and here we have our windows.

Open right here and the best thing you can do is find your name of your computer whatever you’ve called it your
folder where you have all this information here. Now you’re looking for app data .


A lot of the times you can’t find this folder because it’s hidden. So what you need to do is click alt and this is Windows 7 you go to tools folder options and go to view and show hidden files folders and drives. Make sure that’s clicked hit OK and this is the same in the new versions of Windows .Except it’s going to have a menu at the top where it’s just a different layout it’s under view and that’s where you can show hidden files and folders.

How To Install Adobe Camera RAW Presets for MAC & PC
So now that we have that clicked ,we can see we do have app data right here.

So now we can get started .Okay so now if we click app data we can go into roamingand then we find Adobe and there’s our camera RAW. So we click that double click into there and there’s our settings folder.

So right now it’s empty

and we have our download on our desktop right here and this is where you can open it up there’s our settings folder and we’re going to do the same thing shift and clickand we’re going to copyall these items and we’re going to paste them right here there (Presets Folder).

We go all right now the top menu we can go back to Camera Raw and now we can find our local Corrections folder right here we go back into our download local Corrections these are the brushes and we just want to copy allthese and we’re going to pastethem right here local Corrections folder .

There you go. Local Corrections those are then brushes .So let’s go into Camera Raw Presets and we can see again and go back and we can see local Corrections we’ve got all our brushes .

How To Install Adobe Camera RAW Presets for MAC & PC
So that’s it. That’s how to load into windows and PC machines you might want to restart Photoshop and Camera Raw hope you guys enjoy this post.

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Hi this is tapash from tapash editz and today I’m going to show you how to use Adobe Camera Raw inside
Photoshop .

I come Adobe Camera Raw what is it essentially .If you are familiar with Lightroom .It is basically the same thing that what Lightroom does. Adobe Photoshop cannot use raw photos but if you’re a photographer you should
always take photos in raw that’s because that stores data in 16 bits that means loads and loads of information Photoshop.

Once it import city converts it to an 8-bit image .So that basically reduces the amount of information that is in
there but we all know that inside Photoshop ,you can then upgrade it back up to 16 bit off of certain projects.

You can use 16 bit but it has to convert a 16 bit roll photo into say a jpg or whatever an image to work with inside
Photoshop .So that was a long way of saying Adobe Camera Raw converts a raw file into a file that it could use to do
edits on now Lightroom does the same thing .

Camera Raw Plugin For Photoshop Cs6 Mac


You have it in Lightroom you do an edit you then put it into Photoshop .It no longer needs to use Adobe Camera Raw
because it’s just done it inside Lightroom.
So anyway let’s jump into Photoshop and I’m going to show you essentially, if you try and open an image there is a raw image what’s going to appear and also how you can use Adobe Camera Raw as a filter inside like in Photoshop .

Watch Video Tutorial

Camera Raw Filter Photoshop Cs6 Mac

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